Forever ~ Iím working on Forever, number 3 in the Fateful series and the conclusion of Danielle and Ethanís story. My goal is to have this one out next.

Epilogue for Fair Maiden ~ because you asked for it...

The Trapping club ~ I have a lot of handwritten notes for The Trapping clubóthis is the sequel to Fair Maiden, or book 2 in that series. Beginning with a magical masquerade and a kidnapping, The Trapping club is the tale of second sons as they struggle for survival in a society that leaves such forgotten. Those whoíve read the first book will be surprised to find that the hero of this next enchanting tale is the brother of the villain in Fair Maiden, and the heroine will be a grown-up Emma...

The Mistaken Reformer ~ This is book 3 in the Fair Maiden series. Peter, Christianís brother will be the hero and the heroine is still a mystery as of yet...

Sophiaís Cookbook for Mortals ~ A fun recipe book featuring recipes Sophia likes to mess up her apron with.

Two novellas to supplement the Fateful series. Max and Nadiaís story and Beon and Sophiaís story... One will be set in a historical setting, the other will start out historical and move into modern times.

The Fairy Ring Enchantment ~ A story about fair rings and why you shouldnít step inside them.

How do Ethan and Danielle recognize each other like they do even if theyíve never met?
It takes Danielle longer than Ethan to figure this out, and because the story is written in her point of view, this might be why it takes some readers longer too. But she and Ethan believe they knew each other BEFORE they were born into this life, as spirits basically. They also believe they chose each other then and had a relationship then. But since none of us can remember our existence before we were born they canít remember that time together either. They can only see it when they look directly into each otherís eyes, or sense it. Itís sort of like how oneís spirit continues to exist after death of the physical bodyóone existed before physical life too. Not sure if I explained that very well...heh, I tried...

Why does Fair Maiden end so abruptly? I wanted it to keep going.
This one is sort of ironic to me and this is the reason why: There were publishers that wanted to publish Fair Maiden but they all wanted it shorter!!! Itís about 330-340 pages long in print and they all wanted me to cut 30-50 pages from it. It was all about length, apparently they couldnít afford to publish anything longer... or so they said. I just couldnít do it, because in writer world, itís considered standard sized for a novel. Because of this I restrained myself from making it longer... but I agree with you all and plan to write an epilogue as mentioned above. That will be added to future updates of the story and will also be posted for free on my blog and website for those of you whoíd already purchased it.

Why clean romance?
Itís a choice. Thatís how I choose to write and itís what Iím comfortable with. I honestly feel like thereís a place in the market for all levels of sensuality in books: erotica, standard romance, and clean romance. I would never bash someone for writing the way they want to and I hope theyíll extend to me the same courtesy for choosing to write clean. I feel thereís actually a hole in the market for clean romance. Iíd like to fill it. Plus in Fateful, I feel it makes Ethan more realistic. In his time women were severely looked down upon for doing things that are common place now days. And based on what I know of my grandmother people donít let go of those beliefs even when they get older. Of course Ethan knows itís not the norm in the twentieth century but deep down he still has the heart of a Victorian man. Certainly not all of the men from that time, but most of them valued virtue back then. Itís just the way it was. I also wanted Danielle to stand out for him in that way. If you like Mr. Darcy then youíll probably like Ethan.

Why does FATEFUL have vampires?
In FATEFUL, I wrote about vampires before they became as popular as they are right now. Unfortunately for me, they exploded while I was in the editing process. But that's okay, I still love them, and I'm still pleased with my book. With such an unpredictable ending, I feel this story stands out from every other dark, brooding vampire story in the market right now.

I wanted Ethan to be naturally eccentric and old-fashioned. I think a vampire who is 175 years old would cling to some of the traditions and beliefs he was raised with. Sort of like my grandmother, who was very set in her ways at the age of 98. I can promise you, there was no changing her. So to me, that offers some interesting aspects for a character, especially when you bring that character into modern times.

My vampires are based loosely on elderly people. Does that sound funny? I guess it is one aspect that makes my vampires different from what's already been done. Besides being old-fashioned, they tend to be a little quirky, and have hobbies that may interest grandpa.

Where can I buy your books?
If you click on any of the book titles above you'll be taken to the page for links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. For those overseas or without credit cards you should really check out Smashwords. You can purchase items with a PayPal account avoiding the credit card issues.